When relocating, think about culture and space differently

Law offices have changed dramatically over the past few years, with the elimination of traditional law libraries and mountains of paper files, and so have the offices of bar associations. Not only do recent advances in technology and communication make old offices obsolete, but law firms, bar associations, and other organizations are now looking at their new space as it relates to their culture.

Firms and associations that are doing it right not only lock in efficient space at economic terms that work for their business, but they also create work environments that reflect their culture, ethos, and values. As a result, they can work more productively and retain talent successfully.

So, how can you maximize the benefits of relocation, minimize the costs, and start thinking about your culture differently? This is a topic that I know very well due to my 40-plus years in the commercial real estate business. Over the years, we have advised law firms, associations, and other forward-thinking companies and organizations on how to create office space that positions them properly for the future.