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Law Offices: How to Do Relocation Right

The law office style that was prevalent many decades ago is no longer relevant. Gone are the days of large law libraries, mountains of paper files, and an assistant for each attorney. Recent technological advances are going to take this even further, as firms transform older, inefficient offices to well-planned work environments, or move to

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Risky Business

In the 1980's, a major oil company hired me to seek out 30 locations for a new business they had entered: office products. The company’s head of real estate told me that he wanted me to negotiate 30 leases across the US. The catch? He wanted each one to have an annual cancellation clause. I

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An Old Horse Knows The Route

The Chinese have a saying: an old horse knows the route.  I thought about that last week when a good friend and colleague of mine (let’s call her Jane) asked if I would work with her to sublease her office so her company could relocate. While this sounds like it could be the story of

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