The law office style that was prevalent many decades ago is no longer relevant. Gone are the days of large law libraries, mountains of paper files, and an assistant for each attorney. Recent technological advances are going to take this even further, as firms transform older, inefficient offices to well-planned work environments, or move to new space.

Firms that are doing it right —whether large or small, global or local—not only lock in efficient space at economic terms that work for their business, but also create work environments that reflect their culture, ethos, and values. As a result, they can work more productively and retain and recruit attorneys more effectively.

So how can you maximize the benefits of relocation, but minimize the costs? How can your office serve as a recruiting tool for new hires and clients? From my 40+ years in the commercial real estate business, I know how to create office space that positions a firm properly for the future: culturally and, more importantly, economically.

Here are some of the most important questions you need to be asking.