Never thought you guys would hear from me this soon again. Needless to say, it wasn’t my intention, but a situation occurred after writing my most recent blog post about American Pharaoh that I couldn’t pass up.

Your law firm goes through a conflict resolution process before they are able to take your case; your accountant goes through a similar process. It has always amazed me that real estate professionals are not held to the same standard of transparency that any other major service industry requires.  Needless to say, I am biased, as I think that it is impossible for a real estate company to represent both sides of a transaction without there being a major conflict of interest.  Furthermore, a lawyer cannot represent a client at the same time another lawyer in the same firm represents the other side of the case

Now, what has prompted me to communicate so quickly? You may remember in my last blog I talked about how I was fired from a transaction by a Corporate Real Estate person who hired a “big safe company”.  In an effort to reach out to him one final time, I decided to send him a copy of the blog and thank him for being its inspiration.  SURPRISE…SURPRISE…he is no longer the Corporate Real Estate person for the parent company of my former client.  Do you know who he is working for…the BIG real estate company he hired as broker to represent my former client.  Now if this isn’t a coincidence/conflict tell me what is?!?