I was recently interviewed by Forbes regarding the impact the new Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) guidelines is set to have on company balance sheets.

Referring to the new FASB guidelines as “the biggest change to hit business owners in decades,” author Brian Rashid examines the financial impact they will have on any business owner that rents space. He also touches on how FASB is going to change the way CFOs will have to account for leases in both their short and long-term financial strategies.

Most significantly, Rashid addresses how woefully underprepared CFOs are in their compliance preparation for these new guidelines. The compliance deadline continues to inch closer—for public companies, it is basically 18 months away.

I’m happy Forbes turned to me for my expertise on these new FASB guidelines as I remain one of the few tenant leasing representatives fully invested in helping CFOs get ready for them. This means educating leaders on important topics like the 5 disruptive consequences the FASB standards could have on their business as well as the conflicts of interest they will expose.

For more than 40 years, Howard Ecker + Company has helped tenants locate, negotiate, and evaluate all office space opportunities while ensuring tenants are keenly aware of how the latest news or guidelines will impact their next lease.